Alitalia, Conte admits: "There are no market solutions at hand" and the government evaluates alternatives


"No offers at hand" The binding offer by the consortium was not formalized at the scheduled deadline, explains Conte, who adds: "The offer of State Railways and Delta remains and we do not know if Lufthansa's interest will be confirmed. At this moment it is clear "We don't have a market solution at hand. In reality, this remains the government's preferred solution." And the premier continues: "In these hours we will obviously evaluate and evaluate some alternatives".

Patuanelli: "Company not attractive on the market" Situation confirmed by the Minister of Economic Development, who in the hearing of the Senate Industry Committee clarified: "We evaluate several options, we must evaluate them carefully. Certainly it is not an extension to the consortium that was being established because that road is no longer there" . And he resumed: "The company is currently too big to be small and too small to be big, it has a dimension that the market is now struggling to accept".

Buffagni: "Difficult decisions need to be taken" According to the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Stefano Buffagni, it's time for a breakthrough. "We must guarantee the service – he declares -, the jobs, the assets, but we cannot continue to allow Alitalia to be a black hole in the coffers of the State. We must not make cannon fodder from a company like other realities do , but one cannot even continue to perpetrate a payment of money that becomes a black hole ".

Unions worried by the super-commissioner hypothesis Unions do not like the hypothesis of the super-commissioner. According to Filt Cgil it would lead to "a restructuring without an industrial plan and therefore without guarantees for the future". And the leaders of the union warn: "Many private investors look at Alitalia in agony, ready to intervene to buy it at a lower price. If the government wants to proceed with a restructuring, put a hand also to a real industrial plan on which then look the consent of private investors ".

Stew hypothesis In particular, the general secretary of Uiltrasporti Claudio Tarlazzi fears "a strong downsizing of Alitalia" and explains: "The suspicion is that there is an upstream agreement with Lufthansa, a secret agreement with Germany, which we do not like if it means doing "Cut and sell the company in pieces. I am very worried. We are not informed and from what we learn from the press we talk too easily about stew. They are groping in the dark."

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