Alitalia and Wizzair: hand baggage rules and costs updated in November


The Bridge of the Immaculate as well as Christmas 2019 are approaching and many will spend these holidays abroad. Here then is the updated information of November on rules to bring aircraft on board Alitalia and Wizzair the hand luggage to avoid penalties.

The Alitalia hand luggage rules

With Alitalia you can bring it in the cabin only 1 hand luggage of a maximum weight of 8 kilos including side pockets, wheels and handles. The dimensions must be the following: 55x35x25 centimeters. In addition to this baggage, the Italian airline will allow you to bring along an accessory among these: a woman's handbag or a laptop or a document bag.

Please note that when boarding, Alitalia staff will check the baggage so that if the check is not exceeded, the baggage may not be accepted on board. Moreover Alitalia informs that the airport staff will apply to the small luggage that will not exceed the following dimensions 36x45x20 centimeters the label with the writing "under the seat". This on all flights departing from national and international airports to any destination except those that will be made with B777 and A330 aircraft.

Alitalia Light fare and hand luggage

Who will buy the Light tariff can only bring on board baggage indicated and not the hold one. For hand baggage that will exceed the weight and dimensions indicated above or for baggage to be loaded in the hold for the first piece of luggage will be provided a supplement. It will be of 25 euros for domestic and international flights if purchased in the "my flights" section and in online check-in with the help of travel agencies or customer centers and 45 euros if it will be purchased at the ticket offices or check-in counters of the airport. The standard deductible will be applied for additional baggage.

Finally, for intercontinental flights, the amount to be paid will be 50 euros for those from Europe to Canada, Mexico and the United States and 60 dollars for flights from the United States, Canada and Mexico to Europe if purchased online or at the airport.

From Italy to Chile, Argentina and Brazil will be 55 euros if purchased online or 60 euros if purchased at the airport. From Chile, Argentina and Brazil to Italy the cost will be instead of 60 dollars if purchased online or 65 dollars if purchased at the airport.

Wizzair hand luggage rules

All those traveling with Wizzair can bring a hand luggage of the following dimensions: 40x30x20 centimeters that they will have to place under the seat.

Those who purchase the service "Wizz Priority"Or who will be entitled to it thanks to the" Wizz Plus "," Wizz Go "and" Wizz Privilege "packages, in addition to the free hand luggage of the aforementioned dimensions, they may also carry on board an additional trolley of the following dimensions: 55x40x23 cm including wheels. Both baggage will be guaranteed in the cabin if there are no operating restrictions.

Passengers without "Wizz Priority" can only travel with free hand luggage (40x30x20 centimeters). If you do not purchase this service and your hand baggage exceeds these dimensions, you will be charged a supplement in the airport of 25 euros.

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