Alexandria, on the bus, occupies the seat with the handbag so as not to make room for a black child


"Mind your own business" – The little girl who wanted to sit on the seat, heard herself answer: "No, you don't sit here". Only the angry reaction of the witness Vittoria Oneto forced the lady to retrace her steps. The counselor, in fact, explained that he had ordered the lady to move her bag to make room for the child but feeling herself responding, in the first instance, to her own business. But in the face of arrogance and discrimination, the woman insisted: "At that point I raise my voice more and more and intimate in a bad way to make the child sit down immediately and feel ashamed with all the breath I had in my throat", he said .

Tears and anger – Then the lady, even though reluctantly and with a "disgusted air", succumbed by seating the baby. The Oneto then explained that on the bus someone looked at her pleased but others remained silent for a long time. And once she got out, she burst into tears: "I got off the bus and I cried. For the nervous, for the sadness for the sense of defeat I felt and I try. As if these days weren't already painful," he wrote in the post.

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