Alexandria, fire department funerals. The firefighter's outburst with Conte: "Don't do enough for us" – Repubblica Tv


On leaving the Cathedral of Alexandria where the funeral of the three firefighters who died in the explosion of a farmhouse took place, the premier Giuseppe Conte is stopped by a fireman who invites him to do more for the category. But the premier does not collect and prefers to remember that there was a meeting at the ministry on the subject. Indeed Conte raises with the fireman: "She was there?". The other, ready, replies: "I am not, but there were those who represented me".

Reporter Giovanni Maccarino explains the reasons for the gesture: "They do nothing, not enough. They promised savings for our insurance Inail. We are not heroes, we are in the flesh, we live on our salaries from hunger. pretend to understand, but we want them to work at night for these things here ".

Video by Davide Bevilacqua

Local Team

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