Alexandria explosion, for pm there was a will to kill


    <h2>For the prosecutor Enrico Cieri behind the tragedy of Quargnento there is the will of someone to kill</h2>


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    <p>Investigators&#39; investigations continue to shed light on the causes that led to the<strong>explosion of the Quargnento farmhouse</strong>, in the province of Alessandria, where the three firefighters lost their lives <strong>Antonio Candido, Marco Triches and Matteo Gastaldo</strong>. Pain and emotion before the Provincial Command of Corso Romita, the funeral of the victims will be celebrated on Friday.

Meanwhile the carabinieri are continuing their tight investigation. According to Ansa, there are two cylinders seized by investigators in the rubble. The prosecutor Enrico Cieri he also revealed: "To better understand what happened and who committed the nefarious deed continue to be heard more people".

For the magistrate there is no doubt: "It is clear that the gesture is not framed in neighborhood resentments, but it is much more serious. Who did it, did it to kill". On the seized cylinders a cross-check is in progress to try to understand "who could have bought them, where and when".

"For now, nothing suggests that they were operated remotely," Cieri reiterated as collected by Ansa. Of explosives, in the farmhouse, there is no trace and the rudimentary device was made "with elements that can be found on the market".

On the yellow of the building's insurance, however, the prosecutor dribbled the questions of journalists with a "no comment". Yesterday Giovanni Vincenti, owner of the exploded farmhouse, had announced that he had named the police about the possible perpetrators of the tragedy.

Friday will be city mourning in Alessandria, where Prime Minister Conte is also expected, for those kids who dreamed of wearing the fireman's uniform to "help people". Marco Triches, in a video made during the training period he said: "I don't feel like a hero. I feel like a person who hopes to have the opportunity to save people ".

VIRGILIO NEWS | 07-11-2019 22:11

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