Alessandro Sallusti on Matteo Renzi: "Man is capable of anything, aims at Forza Italia". Berlusconi is warned


Alessandro Sallusti in his editorial on Newspaper of 8 November deals with Matteo Renzi. The leader of Italia Viva seeks, Sallusti writes, to "steal deputies and senators a Forza Italia to strengthen his fragile party. He probably understood that on the left there is no tripe for cats and he has the illusion of being able to break through if not to the right at least in the center ". A sort of warning, that of the director, to Silvio Berlusconi, who would do well to watch his back from the former premier.

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"An unsolicited advice", concludes the director of Newspaper, "Who is going to take the bait: Before you sell, lock down by a notary compensation. But above all, make sure that the notary is not a helper to Jokes aside hired by Renzi as his accomplice or that the contract is not written in sympathetic ink. Man is capable of anything, even to tell you: Trust me friend, stay calm".

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