Alessandro Sallusti, cannon shot against Maria Elena Boschi: "I know Mara Carfagna …"


The words of Mara Carfagna on "Forza Italia Viva", a "suggestion" in the event that Matteo Renzi unplug "a government of the left", that of Pd and M5s. Only then, said the deputy of Forza Italia, could one think about some convergence. A half measure, interpreted by the most like an opening to the Italian Viva del fu scrapped, but immediately pointed out by Carfagna herself, who said that her path and that of Renzi are not destined to meet. But, as mentioned, political gossip also holds the bench. And of this story, in its editorial su The newspaper of Sunday 10 November, he writes Alessandro Sallusti. He reflects on the possible moves of the blue and, in conclusion, he puts on paper: "At least that, as some malign say, Mara Carfagna he actually means that she wants to go with the Renzian left with a typical turn of the peons in search of safer seats. Knowing it rule". And here, the director, places the cannonade against Maria Elena Boschi: "I bet Renzi won't be able to show Mara's scalp to his parents. Just don't be subordinate to Salvini, but subordinate to Maria Elena Boschi much less. Indeed never"concludes Alessandro Sallusti.

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