Alessandro Amadori, the Emilia Romagna survey that breaks the legs of the Pd


To the Pd even the alliance with the may not be enough M5s to keep theEmilia Romagna. According to the survey of Alessandro Amadori for, if dem and grillini appear separated Lucia Borgonzoni, candidate governor for the League and the center-right, will come to the 45% of consents against the 41% of Stefano Bonaccini, with the 5 Stars stopped at 12% and the crumbs (the 2%) to the other lists.

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But the risk is present even in the case of a Giallorossi electoral agreement, since, as Amadori notes, many supporters of the Movement could decide to desert or, worse, vote for a party anti-system such as Alloy or Brothers of Italy in order to overturn the status quo represented by the dems. Result: in the best case scenario we could arrive at a resounding head to head, 49% versus 49%, with the final outcome of the vote.

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