Alessandria, pm "The silence of Vincenti killed the three firemen"


In addition to the gas cylinders, it was the silence of Giovanni Vincenti, who killed the three firefighters in Quargnento, in the province of Alessandra, the night between 4 and 5 November. The public prosecutor of Alessandria, Enrico Cieri, explains: "On the night of the tragedy Vincenti was informed by a carabiniere that the first fire was almost broken – explains the magistrate – Vincenti did not say that there were five other tanks inside the house that kept on spewing gas. It was around one o'clock, there would have been half an hour to avoid the tragedy. "It is possible that Vincenti, called home, did not have the perception that not everything had broken out. What is certain is that he made no mention of the fact that there were "time bombs" in two different buildings and that the scheduled time for the detonation had not yet arrived. Hence the imputation of voluntary and not culpable homicide. "If there had been any general warning, the five tanks that were in the other house could have been turned off and the tragedy avoided," the prosecutor added. "This is the evaluation we made against which Vincenti reiterated that he did not have any murderous intentions and that this signaling that we reproach him had not done so because he was upset by this gesture that had gone beyond the two intentions" .

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