Agreements & Disagreements (Nove), Travaglio: "Virginia Raggi has the right and duty to make a second mandate because she is honest and competent"


In his weekly speech in "Agreements and Disagreements", the political talk show hosted by Andrea Scanzi is Luca Sommi aired on Nove every Friday at 10.45 pm, Marco Travaglio answers a question from the spectators: "Why do you so much defend the Rays seeing that Rome is in disastrous conditions?". The manager de Daily fact clarifies: "Because I think that any mayor can come after the Rays it would do infinitely worse and because I think that the Rays, after many years, is a mayor honest, competent, who made many mistakes, but found a city much more devastated than he thought ”. Moreover, according to the journalist, "he learned to make the mayor, then finally put together, after several reshuffles, a team worthy of the name and I think he would right and also duty to do a second term to reap the benefits of all those policies it has implemented over the years ". A second mandate that would be possible only if the 5-star Movement changed the rules: “It should do so for both the Rays and the Rays hanger".

"Agreements & Disagreements" is produced by Loft Productions for Discovery Italia and is also available on dplay (on the website – or download the app on the App Store or Google Play). Nine is visible on Channel 9 of Digital Terrestrial, Sky Channel 145 and Tivusat Channel 9. Follow @aedtalkshow on Facebook, Twitter is Instagram.


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