Agnelli awarded as "Torinese of the year": "Juve is a leading company"


TURIN – Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus, issued some statements in his speech for the awarding of "Torinese of the year" withdrawing the recognition of the Chamber of Commerce. Returning to 2010, when Agnelli climbed to the top of the Bianconeri society, the young president recalled how then the Juve had already written the history of football: "Since then, however, without the passion and the investments that we have made it would have been just another of the memories of the city, a living memory, present, but still a memory. Instead, today Juventus is a leading company in Europe that employs to over 900 people, the triple of 2010. In this evidently depressed territory, it has attracted 400 million investments. In business, not just football, we need to focus on priorities ". Deciding in this way also means knowing how to take risks, but the Bianconeri president concludes with his idea of ​​success: "As I learned from my father, you have to be stubborn to achieve your goals, it's too easy to change your mind".

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