"Adrian": the Celentano show is a half flop and stops at 15% share


Celentano does not break through, on the contrary. His return to TV with Adrian Live – this time in the flesh, pause and monologue, glasses of water and fake exits from the scene (trick …) – was seen by 3,869,000 spectators with a 15.4% share. The cartoon, programmed immediately after, cut 2 million buckets of heads and stopped at 10.4%. In short, disappointed expectations because the expectations for both the history of Celentano and the profuse investments were others. A half flop, which risks becoming whole in the next episodes. The 15% share is a small thing, we are from the parties of Eurogames, a little above Live – It is not the D'Urso. For an early evening, for a really too little event. The director of Canale 5 Giancarlo Scheri pretends not to notice, his job is to defend the cabin and exaggerate: "Celentano is back and has enlightened Canale 5 with his energy, his talent, his personality". In truth it was like illuminating a stadium with a smartphone flashlight, darker than anything else.

Scheri continues: «Among his shows Adrian Live stands out among the most iconoclasts and visionaries, and adds to the many firsts of an artist who has always anticipated times and fashions ". In short, this time he seems to have arrived late. The debate on TV with a group of number one conductors (Conti, Bonolis, Chiambretti, Gerry Scotti and Giletti) had a pretty disappointing performance; the best summary is of who defined it a Celebrities version of TV Talk. To those who ventilate the hypothesis that there may be a cut of one or two episodes (instead of the five scheduled) Mediaset replies curtly: «It is not true. Point". The idea is not even taken into consideration, because the product has already (paid) been paid, long ago. So what goes on air is now to be assimilated to a warehouse product at "zero cost". Of the evening – sin – there is not much to save: if Celentano is better when he sings rather than when he speaks means that the writing of the program has been thin. The guru's aura is not enough, we must also support it.

November 8, 2019 (modified November 8, 2019 | 18:57)


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