Adrian, how it is reduced Adriano Celentano: fall down, who hosts this evening


According to his daughter Rosita Celentano Adriano it's too far ahead to be understood in the present. He is right, we are stupid not to understand how Il Molleggiato thinks to raise the ratings of Adrian, the mega show set up on Canale 5 hosting the journalist Andrea Scanzi tonight. Yes, after Maria De Filippi Adriano opens the door to the pen of Everyday occurrence. Basically it's like going from Real Madrid to Cervia.

Tonight at 9.15 pm the third episode of the program is aired which, despite the contribution of De Filippi, has found rhythm, has remained at 15% share, little for the flagship Mediaset. Celentano, to remedy this, invited Scanzi: it is useless to underline our curiosity about the role of the Italian journalism parsley, a well-known fan of the M5s. There will also be a musical presence Biagio Antonacci, and we are pleased about this. In the past episodes Celentano had kept away from political arguments but maybe in this he will make an exception. The eyes are on him. After the show, as always, the cartoon will be broadcast in which Celentano is a watchmaker who saves the world.

by Alessandra Menzani

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