Adrian, disaster of Celentano: he sings but forgets the words. The VIP who laughs in his face


A bitter return for Adriano Celentano with his Adrian on Channel 5. Not only because once again the share did not reward him despite the super-exception cast brought into the studio. But also because the Molleggiato was the protagonist of one discreet fool. At one point Celentano left the desk from which he led to occupy the center of the stage, he was about to sing one of his songs. So he started singing The public obtuseness, a song from 1987 that also gave the title to the homonymous album. Too bad that after a few seconds Celentano stopped. "I was wrong to read," he says, revealing that he does not remember the words of the song. So much so that, looking at him, Ilenia Pastorelli he burst out laughing in his face. Despite the error, however, the public applauded him. Celentano then resumed singing, but the slip certainly didn't go unnoticed.

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