Adrian, Celentano returns and attacks the public for the flop


Celentano back on TV with Adrian, but the controversy does not subside, fueled also by the singer who live attacked the public for the flop of the first episodes of the show. After a long pause the Molleggiato came back in the early evening to present its innovative program, but do not forget what happened months ago when he was overwhelmed by heavy criticism that led to the suspension of Adrian.

After the controversy with Michelle Hunziker and the very low ratings, Celentano decided to relaunch the transmission. In the first episode Adriano is back on stage, accompanied by some big names in TV. Paolo Bonolis, Carlo Conti, Gerry Scotti, Massimo Giletti and Piero Chiambretti sat around a table for chat with the conductor, giving life to an interesting round table.

Not only: the Molleggiato he also expressed some opinions and sang, leading to a decided change of course compared to the first four episodes of Adrian where it had never appeared. The public welcomed him with applause and incitement, raising, though not entirely, the fate of the show.

Celentano, however, seems determined to don't forget the flop a few months ago and attacked viewers, accused of not fully understanding the meaning of Adrian because blinded by the will of just hear him sing.

"You who are now looking at me from your homes – Celentano thundered – I want to tell you that I have not forgotten that in the first four episodes you condemned me, accusing me of being not very present, without in any way thinking of Adrian, of the things he wanted to tell you, of what happens and will happen ".

"But you who are looking at me were angry – he added – because when I was on stage I didn't speak and I didn't sing and now you have returned, hoping that now you behave differently from the last time. You didn't understand anything then. I not only will not do as last time, but I do one more thing, this time I give you the reason to change channel. I'm leaving, turn everything off. "

With a twist Celentano he left, surprising everyone, but soon he returned and started singing again. A way to challenge – and perhaps surprise – viewers. But if there are those who liked the behavior of the singer, others are not yet convinced by Adrian.

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