Adrian, Celentano flops (again). Hunziker was wrong


Celentano flops again with Adrian. His presence on the show did not help to raise the ratings, although many were certain that this would improve the situation. Among them too Michelle Hunziker that several months ago had been chosen for conduct the live along with the Molleggiato, but had fled the program after discovering that the singer would not be there.

"We waited for hours and hours, wandering around the studio – he had told the presenter at Corriere della Sera -, waiting for Celentano to arrive. In the meantime no one could make any decision. One day I finally saw him, I told him "Adriano the public wants you, not your absence. Fans love you ". There was nothing to do. So I decided to leave ".

Apparently, however, the public has decided not to forgive Celentano nor his presence on stage it was enough to revive the ratings that were, despite everything, disappointing. Adrian left with good premises, focusing on the Molleggiato and the his style of management, between long pauses, frank monologues and songs.

With the artist five great conductors – Gerry Scotti, Massimo Giletti, Paolo Bonolis, Carlo Conti and Piero Chiambretti – who they talked to him about TV and the world today. Many were convinced that a formula of this type, which would put Celentano at the center, would have been a winner. But the show Adrian Live – This is History, which preceded the cartoon collected only in front of the television 4 million viewers. The share stopped at 15.41% with 3.869.000 spectators and collapsed at 10.44% when it started Adrian.

Very low listening data, even if compared to the debut of last January 21st. To beat the transmission of several points was the fourth season of fiction One step from heaven that on Rai Uno brought home an average of 4,407,000 spectators and a share of 19.95%. The Hunziker – like many – was wrong, the public didn't need to Adriano Celentano on stage, but maybe something new that never arrived.

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