Adrian, Adriano Celentano insults the public for the flop: "You didn't understand anything". And leave the studio


Adriano Celentano is back up Channel 5 with its program Adrian and first thing he has insulted the public, accused by the singer, for the flop of the previous edition. "You who are looking at me from your homes now," says Molleggiato, "I want to tell you that I have not forgotten that in the first four episodes you condemned me, accusing me of not being very present, without even thinking about Adrian, the things he wanted to tell you , that happen and will happen ".

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And again: "But you who are looking at me were angry because when I was on stage I didn't speak and I didn't sing and now you have returned, hoping that now you behave differently from the last time. You didn't understand anything then. I will not only not do as last time, but I do one more thing, this time I'll give you the reason to change channels. I'm leaving, turn everything off. " And he left the studio. Except then return immediately afterwards.

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