Adrian, Adriano Celentano anti-Salvini and pro sardine: as the leader of the Northern League calls


And so it was that at the fourth installment Adriano Celentano he let himself go. Obviously speaking of politics, even if behind "fish" metaphors. After the musical part with Morgan, ad Adrian journalists enter the studio. I'm Francesca Fialdini, Chiara Geloni is Luca Somma. "People wonder why they don't talk much about politics, I understand, but seeing the sea, and not talking about politics, I ask you to talk about fish. You like sardines? ", Somma asks, referring to the new leftist movement.

"I like them – answers Celentano – because they go against the current they have an important value and it is important to go against the current". The journalist continues to talk about "fish", and this time he talks about Captain, or rather "Capitone", but the reference to Matteo Salvini: "The Capitone might have liked me at the beginning when people were afraid, because people are afraid, but then afterwards there was some …", and cut the sentence.

One speaks then of migrants. And here the thought is decidedly antisalviniano. "In my opinion in Lampedusa it would not take only those who welcome, but it would take some guards with telescopes, who saw them and went to meet them to disembark, you can't leave people ten, twelve days on a boat after what they spent ".

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