Actions close to price explosions and directed towards historical highs


It may seem strange to speak for Italgas of actions close to price explosions, but this is the scenario that is being prefigured. We are talking about strangeness because Italgas has one of the lowest levels of volatility (0.6) on the Italian stock exchange which makes it one of the best stocks for risk management when the trend of the financial markets becomes turbulent. From this point of view, therefore, it represents one of the best assets to invest in financial markets. In addition, as a further element in favor of Italgas, there is its high dividend which, at the moment, has a yield of around 4%.

Let's understand, however, the reasons why we talk about actions close to price explosions and directed towards historical highs.

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News and news from the economy regarding Italgas

Italgas announced that it has closed the eleventh consecutive quarter of growth. A track record that probably has no equal. Apart from the cold numbers that testify the continuous growth of the company, we recall the efforts that Italgas is making to develop a business model inspired by criteria of environmental, social and economic sustainability. All this, as the managing director pointed out, led Italgas to be included for the first time in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World.

Graphic analysis and forecasting

Italgas (IG) closed the November 8th session at € 5.896, up 1.17% compared to the previous session.

The projection in progress, daily time frame, is bullish and is directed towards the 1st price target in the area € 6.0732. The breach of this level of trading would open the door to a continuation of the increase up to € 6.5625 (2nd price target). The achievement of this goal would lead to the update of the historical maximums currently in the € 6.3 area and marked in July of 2019.

The bears could get the upper hand only with daily closures lower than € 5.77771.

Italgas towards historic highs

Italgas: ongoing bullish projection on the daily time frame. The blue line represents the levels of Running Bisector; the red line the levels of The New Law of Vibration.

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