Accidents at Lacchiarella and Carpiano


A night of blood on the streets of Milan the one between Friday and Saturday 9 November with two very serious accidents a few hours away. The budget is very heavy: one dead and two injured.

According to what is reported by Areu 118, in the first clash, which took place at the height of Carpiano, a 49-year-old motorcyclist died who ended up in a car due to causes being investigated at Arcagnago on Provincial Route 40: it is not clear why he lost control of the vehicle. On the spot, in addition to the carabinieri of the San Donato company, a medical unit and an ambulance arrived.

But the trauma of the centaur who died has turned out to be too serious.

In the second accident, in Lacchiarella, after a dozen kilometers and a few hours later, the impact occurred between a van and a car. A 15 year old was taken to the Niguarda hospital in serious condition and his father – in a less worrying situation – at the San Matteo in Pavia. Firefighters and carabinieri intervened.

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