abuse on an 11-year-old girl


The priest was arrested this morning, more than six months after his removal from his parish Michele Mottola held responsible for abuse of an 11-year-old girl. Against the priest originally from Caivano, but in recent times living in Crispano, there are the accusations of the child who recorded meetings inside the parish of Trentola Ducenta where the 60-year-old would have taken advantage of her. In the audio to the acts of the pm The priest asks "kisses and hugs" to the girl, the little whispers several times "enough"; the priest, again, speaks of "normal things as those engaged to be engaged" when the child begins to show reluctance and, in a diary, writes: "But it is sex what we do with Don Michele".It was the Diocese of Aversa, in May to divulge the news of Don Mottola's removal from the parish of San Giorgio in Ducenta, in the Caserta area. In fact, the victim's family preferred to go to the bishop instead of making a complaint, which he later did. The declarations made by the victim during the protected interrogation that took place in the past few days in the presence of a team of psychologists were decisive for the issuance of the precautionary measure. The girl confirmed all the charges and her story was considered sufficient by the investigating judge North Naples to sign the precautionary custody order which this morning blocks the priest in prison. The canonical proceeding is also in progress against him: the bishop of Aversa has made it known, Angelo Spinillo, a few days ago.

The investigation coordinated by the Naples North Public Prosecutor's Office directed by Francesco Greco has been delegated to the State police, Aversa police station headed by Pasquale Gallozzi. Mottola has always defended himself against the very serious accusations that struck him declaring both from these columns and from Mediaset that he was the victim of a conspiracy.

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