Abuse of 12-year-olds, a priest arrested in Casertano: the meetings recorded by the girl on the smartphone


The girl had registered abuses with the phone The 12-year-old was the one to collect relevant elements that led to the arrest of Don Michele: he no longer wanted his "special attention" and so he began to record his meetings with him in the parish rectory with his mobile phone. The parish priest had been suspended by the diocese in May, and a canonical trial was initiated against him, which is still ongoing.

"Leave me alone", "But it's just a game" "Leave me alone, you don't have to touch me" is one of the phrases recorded by the girl while talking to the priest. And he: "It's just a game, we don't do anything wrong." Dialogues like this ended up in the minor's cell phone, delivered by the parents to the cops. Those sentences also reached the top of the diocese, which immediately suspended Don Michele from the service, informing the Naples Public Prosecutor. Investigators then collected other testimonies on the matter.

Dramatic probative accident The circle on the reconstruction of the case ended with the probative incident, in which the girl and the priest were placed facing each other. The child confirmed that the abuses had been going on for some time, while don Michele defended himself by saying that the minor was ranting. Meanwhile the child's parents turned to the program "Le hyenas" so that the story could be told in all its drama. According to Don Mottola, the police of Aversa therefore executed a detention order in prison.

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