A wild boar walking around Turin – Video


It looks like a joke, but it happened in Turin, in via Ormea, San Salvario district: a wild boar walked quietly, quite oblivious to the machine on which the astonished author of the video is instead. It is not unusual that in the dark and in search of food the wild boars come out of the bush to rummage through the rubbish, a fairly common phenomenon for those who live a little out of town. But in the middle of San Salvario, a stone's throw from the city center, it's something to be astonished. The movie follows the boar for a block, then the animal turns around as if to load the car and it disappears. The owner of the car says the vehicle didn't have a scratch.

Wild boar in Turin. Area. Molinette / via Ormea 6/11/2019

Posted by Vincenzo Vullo on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Video of Vicenzo Vullo

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