"A warning to the 'rebel'? Moments of great tension, the wife is furious"


Thieves at the Allan house, Journal: A warning to the 'rebel'? Moments of great tension, the wife is very angry

Theft attempt at the Allan home, the Gazzetta dello Sport puts forward hypotheses on the crime

On the evening of Thursday the thieves entered the house of Allan, Brazilian midfielder of the Naples, and today's edition of Gazzetta dello Sport so comments the incident titling 'A warning to the rebel?' after the mutiny of NaplesSalzburg.

The reaction of his wife Thais to the Allan home

"It is enough now." Allan's wife Thais shouted at him. The couple experienced a moment of great tension, on Thursday evening, when they discovered that one of their villa's floors had been ransacked by thieves. while at home there was the wife of the Brazilian soccer player together with their two children, and it was this aspect that triggered Mrs. Allan's reaction, and she wrote an extremely angry Thais who then further increased the dose, assuming that the violation is linked to the tensions of the past days "

Harsh words, which he entrusted to a comment on his Twitter profile.

"I believe that now we are really exaggerating and I can't take it anymore, first my husband is attacked not for what he does in the field, but for alleged accusations created ad hoc by those who want to distort the truth. And then I come insulted every day on social media with mischievous words, even while shopping. Then, this enormous fear was added! People hiding in our house in broad daylight, with me alone at home, then putting chaos, dirtying everything in the nursery, our intimacy violated, my children crying terrified! Since we arrived in Naples we have been very well received, but now people cannot use false news to do so to a family with children, this is not football, this is not support "

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