A substance has been identified that could be the cause of deaths related to electronic cigarettes


The Centers for the prevention and control of medicines (CDC), among the most important health organizations in the United States, have communicated that a particular type of vitamin E is to be considered very likely responsible for the deaths that in recent weeks have been linked to the use of electronic cigarettes. According to the Centers, which analyzed the substances present in the lungs of several people hospitalized in recent weeks (and two deaths due to these problems), a "strong suspect" is in fact vitamin E acetate.

The CDCs have explained that vitamin E acetate tends to stick to the lung walls, then creating problems that are not yet completely clear. According to the first available information, vitamin E acetate would be found only in some products used for electronic cigarettes, in particular those with THC, that is the active ingredient commonly associated with the amazing effect of marijuana. But it is still a question to be clarified why among the more than two thousand patients admitted to the United States with lung problems resulting from the use of electronic cigarettes there are also some (a minority) who say they have never taken THC-containing substances through electronic cigarettes .

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