A spectacular son, not a delinquent like the one who killed him


"My son was spectacular, not a thug like these." These are the words of Tina, the mother of Luca Sacchi, the twenty-four-year-old personal trainer killed by a gunshot wound in the Appio Latino neighborhood of Rome last October 23rd. The woman, interview from the broadcast "Fourth Degree", broadcast on Rete Quattro, commented on some videos of joyful moments spent with the family, surrounded by the affection of his loved ones, before the tragic events that involved him. "He was joking, always joking, all the time. You felt him laughing, he was always cheerful, always happy. And he laughed, laughed … because it's just playful. He was a living joke" so remembers his mother with tears in his eyes.

The message to Del Grosso's mother

"Now it will be another life. I don't have my son. I don't even know what life will be. They took my life, the sun took me away." And on the position of Valerio Del Grosso, the twenty-year-old man in prison accused of murder and denounced by his mother, the woman said: "Because the mother does not tell him to speak, to confess what happened, if she was so good? Do you know what it means to be a mother, no? ".

Anastasiya far from Luca's family

Speaking of Luke's girlfriend he explained: "Di Anastasiya I can't say bad things, for me it was like a daughter, it was five years with Luca – and he added – I hope you have nothing to do with it at all. When I was here I told her "Anastasiya, do you have anything to do with this story?" And she said "No, Tina. No, Tina" But his absence is strange in the eyes of the boyfriend's parents: "She never showed up again, she didn't come to see. I wonder, if you were in love, why don't you come over? If she told me she wanted to be at the funeral, I would have protected her ".

Funeral of Luca Sacchi

THE funerals of Luca Sacchi they were celebrated in the early afternoon of last Thursday, November 7th. A private ceremony in the parish of the Holy Name of Mary, crowded with friends and relatives. To welcome the coffin at the entrance to the church a roar of motorcycles, among which, according to Luca's mother, there may have been his friend Giovanni and the same Anastasiya, both unrecognizable with their faces covered by full-face helmets. Touching the words of Don Mario, who presided over the homily: "The death of Luke struck us, in a sense he made us die also to us".

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