A priest from Trentola Ducenta was arrested on charges of pedophilia


Arrested Don Michele Mottola, former pastor of Trentola Ducenta. The charge is one of abuse against a child of 10 years.It was the men of the Commissariat of Aversa, coordinated by the director Vincenzo Gallozzi, who notified the order of pre-trial detention issued by the Court of Naples North. Don Michele Mottola had already been expelled from the parish last May 25 by Bishop Spinillo, with a "Decree of immediate suspension" and the procedure to submit him to the canonical judicial process had also been initiated against him. The same Curia of Aversa had reported the facts to the Public Prosecutor because it also ascertained his responsibilities from the criminal point of view.
The story was reported to the bishop of Aversa by a group of faithful from the parish who had accompanied the mother of the girl to the offices of the Episcopal Curia to tell the facts. The case was relaunched last November 3 in the television broadcasts of the Hyenas who had interviewed the parents of the harassed girl.And this morning the doors of the prison opened for don Michele Mottola.

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