A Predappio denied funds for a visit to Auschwitz: "The Train of Remembrance is biased"


"The Train of Memory goes in one direction, it is biased. We do not cooperate: when the trains also stop at the foibas and in the gulags we will reconsider ", so the Municipality of Predappio explains the decision to deny the contribution to the participation of a young citizen in the Auschwitz Reminder-Reminder Train project. The GenerAzioni in Comune Association and the counseling group of the list of the same name denounce it.

"The Municipality of Predappio denies a contribution to the participation of youngsters who were involved in the Auschwitz Memo Reminder project. So our association covers the missing quota of 370 euros to allow a student to study, "says GenerAzioni in Comune.

The story, reported by the Resto del Carlino, aroused the indignation of many politicians, from Zingaretti to Fioramonti, from Fratoianni to Ascani. It concerns a project that involves high school students who have been attending since 2011, thanks to the contribution of the municipal administration and local associations.

This year there are two students who have joined: a quota has been made available by Anpi Forlì-Cesena and "the other one should have covered the administration", which he refused.

The missing quota, therefore, will be covered by GenerAzioni in Comune. The press release reads:

"Seeing Auschwitz today and grasp its meaning, implications and complexities cannot be separated from a perspective that is not limited to national memory, but knows how to broaden our gaze to a wider dimension. Looking at the history of persecutions and exterminations of the Second World War means building the awareness that the processes that underlay them are part of a common past, as are the social, political, cultural consequences that history has brought. We find unjustifiable and a very serious act the lack of contribution by the municipal administration of Predappio to this important project, which helps young people or know the story in a critical way ".

Il Resto del Carlino also reports statements by the mayor of Predappio, Roberto Canali:

"We are not opposed to the Train of Memory or to making known the Nazi death camps, including Auschwitz, but to the fact that this train goes in a single direction, that is only towards Auschwitz. When the Trains of Memory go in all directions and stop at other places of oppression of the twentieth century, such as the Berlin Wall or the Foibe, then our administration will contribute to the initiative. In fact, the story must be known throughout and not just partisan. The knowledge of part history cannot be financed with public money ".

According to Agi, the first citizen added: "We prefer not to collaborate with people who want to do only a certain memory forgetting all the others. When the trains stop at the foibas and in the gulags we will reconsider ".

Political reactions. Fioramonti: "Come with us to Auschwitz", Zingaretti: "This celtic poisoned fruit of the right"

"I therefore extend an invitation to the mayor of the municipality of Predappio: come with us to Auschwitz next January. The Ministry undertakes to cover its expenses and those for the trip denied to the student. The mayor will be able to travel with the other two hundred finalist school students in the competition announcement on memory that will be awarded at the Quirinale by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, "Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti wrote about Fb. The holder of the Instruction recalls that in these years the Journey of Remembrance organized by his dicastery “has allowed thousands of students to see, learn and hear from the words of the survivors what Auschwitz was. A dark and indelible parenthesis of European history. A lesson against all forms of hatred, discrimination and violence ". The journey is guided by the historian Marcello Pezzetti, with Carla Federico Nespolo, president of ANPI and Noemi Di Segni, president of Ucei. There will be sisters Tatiana and Andra Bucci. Hard but essential lesson to be responsible citizens ”. Nicola Zingaretti, the secretary of the Democratic Party, also spoke on the question: “The municipality of Predappio, yes, the town
Where was Mussolini born, does he deny the funds for the Memory trip to Auschwitz? What a pity, it is the poisoned fruit produced by this right that condemns anti-Semitism only in words. Proud of Emanuele Fiano, a member of the Democratic Party who will pay the trip for the students. As an administrator, I have organized more than 10 Memory trips with more than 6,000 students and prepare the next April trip for more than 500 girls and boys. A project that we will continue to pursue, with even more decision ”. On Twitter also Nicola Fratoianni of the Italian Left-Leu intervenes: "It is true that the trains of memory are biased. They are on the side of 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their fascist servants, they are on the side of those opponents of Hitler and Mussolini, of those gays, Roma, prisoners of war slaughtered in the camps. For those who deny the participation of our children in those painful journeys in the tragedy of the Holocaust there is only one word. Miserable. "For Anna Ascani, deputy minister of public education," the decision by the Mayor and the local administration of Predappio to deny the financing of the journey of two students in the project of the "train of memory" is truly incredible. The Auschwitz tragedy is not a "part history". But it is part, dramatically, of everyone's story. It's about each of us. Knowing and visiting those places is not only an educational experience for our kids, but a way to keep the memory alive and ensure that such crimes against humanity no longer occur. I suggest that the mayor should go to those places too. Deepening that page of history is for everyone. Also and above all to him! ".

Despite the raised dust, Canali does not reverse course: "We do not have
changed my mind. From our point of view, our choice is correct. We pass by denialists, but no one has ever denied anything, nor how appropriate it is to visit Auschwitz and those places to see what happened – he underlines – It is important, opportune and desirable that young people make this journey, but having said that , we have decided not to collaborate with this association because if it wants to have an intellectual honesty it must become the bearer of the knowledge of history and memory at 360 degrees ".

The mayor points out that when he is offered to finance both this project for Auschwitz "be something else, that is the disasters made by communism and sinkholes, we will be happy to participate and contribute". The controversies that have arisen from various quarters, according to Canali, are "instrumental".

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