A new "Stano case". 20 children arrested by the carabinieri. The blitz at dawn


Carabinieri checks Carabinieri checks

A case very similar to that of Manduria. A pensioner victim of constant extortion requests from young people. Today the carabinieri blitz.

The military of the Carabinieri Company of Manduria, assisted by personnel coming from different branches of the Provincial Command of Taranto, in the early hours of the morning, as part of the operation conventionally called "Bad Boys", carried out 20 personal precautionary measures against of as many people, all of Sava, held liable, in various ways, for continued extortion in the competition, aggravated theft, robbery, detention and illegal port of gun and persecution.

The measures – of which 12 were marked against adults (5 in prison, 5 under house arrest, 2 recipients of prohibition from approaching the injured person) and 8 against minors (3 conducted at Institutes of Pena Minorile and 5 placed in the Community recovery) – were issued by the Judges of the Ordinary Court of Taranto and the Juvenile Court of the same capital, at the request of the respective prosecutor's offices.

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