A cybersecurity guru explains computer security to you


Does the intrusion of unwanted guests in your devices upset you? Then upgrade with Malware Unicorn, a reputed expert who works as a malware research engineer

Data breach, data leak, malware attacks with redemption request: the time has become complicated and the cybersecurity for a long time now it is no longer a side issue to leave to the experts: becoming more aware of it is a necessity for everyone.

In this video, the expert Amanda Rousseau (ah, what a coincidence) aka Malware Unicorn, confronts unknown Twitter users who want to better understand the complex topic. There are those who wonder what sense passwords still have in a world where hackers know everything about us (oh well, come on, let's not exaggerate). Rousseau puts it in perspective, and remembers that passwords are a necessary evil – and we must rather pay attention to what we leave online in our every step.

Another user instead asks for advice to become a penetration tester – ie those who evaluate the security of a computer system – and the expert suggests to probe online materials but also to participate in conferences and events with other experts, also in order to find a good mentor. In hacker culture, exchanging know-how is part of the game.

And then, how do hackers decide the next goal? Obviously money is an important factor, but often it also attacks to damage the reputation, as well as, at a higher level, for reasons of industrial espionage. Rousseau he also takes advantage of this to clarify: a hacker and a cyber criminal are not the same thing. Words are important.

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