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The daily appointment of Calciomercato.com: A Cappuccino with Mario Sconcerti. The topics of current football depth from one of the points of reference of Italian journalism and fixed presence on the pages of our site. Today the focus is on Napoli or rather on its players still in revolt against the company. Players have already announced that they want to hold one Press conference to explain their point of view on the situation between the team is society. If confirmed, the news would be rather strange because it would not be news that pushes towards peace between the parties. Taking time means not having spoken to society. We want to continue the revolt, but explain the reason to the people. The thieves at home Allan, theft in the car of Zielinski has raised the alarm and there is certainly concern, but do a press conference now it would mean having the federal prosecution report againand (Naples has proclaimed a silent press) it would mean forgetting about football.

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