A beautiful Italy imposes itself with personality on the modest Georgia


With a great test, the Italians of Milena Bertolini get rid of Georgia for 6 to 0.
My enthusiasm is not dictated by the result, moreover conquered on a modest and too aggressive opponent, but rather by the personality with which our girls have been able to impose their game which, together with a good athletic and technical-tactical prowess , showed that the national women's team is maturing considerably.

Gone are the days in which our Italians were influenced by weaker opponents, today we can say that they are able to play every type of competition, against any kind of opponent. The big ones are warned. See you in 2021.

Lorenzo Testai

ITALY-GEORGIA 6-0 (5-0 pt)

Nets: 10 ’Linari (I), 25’ Guagni (I), 27 ’Girelli (I), 32’ and 46 ’Sabatino (I), 52’ Rosucci (I)

ITALY (4-3-3): Giuliani; Guagni, Linari, Gama (30 ’Fusetti), Bartoli; Rosucci (61 ’Caruso), Giugliano, Galli, Cernoia; Girelli, Sabatino (55 ’Salvatori Rinaldi). To disp: April, Piazza, Bergamaschi, Marinelli, Tarenzi, Boattin, Glionna, Tucceri Cimini, Greggi. Coach: Milena Bertolini.

GEORGIA (5-4-1): Gabunia; Pasikashvili, Kalandadze, Sutidze, Tatuashvili, Raukh; Bakradze, Todadze, Matveeva (72 ’Cheminava), Tchkonia (54’ Danelia); Chichinadze (83 ’Danelia). In disp: Sukhashvili, Gabelaia, Kadagishvili, Chkhartishvili, Tsotseria, Khaburdzania. Coach: Levan Bajelidze.

Referee: Iuliana Elena Demetrescu (ROU), Assistants: Petruta Claudia Iugulescu (ROU) and Elena Mihaela Tepusa (ROU). Official fourth: Cristina Mariana Trandafir (ROU).
Notes: 3500 spectators. Ammonite Pasikashvili (G), Totadze (G) and Raukh (G).

Author: Lorenzo TestaiE-mail: This email address is protected by spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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