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Our LIVE LIVE ends here. Greetings to all OA Sport readers and enjoy the evening!


WINS SASSARI! Very clear is the 90-67 with which Dinamo takes home the fourth victory in this Champions League

90-67 Another triple of Inglis

90-64 JACK DEVECCHI! Here it is, the triple that all PalerSerradimigni expected!

87-64 Triple by Trice

Last minute of the match

87-61 Inglis sign from three

87-58 Sorokas places the triple, 2'10 "at the end

84-58 Nice shot from the Trice media

84-56 2/2 Trice

Do it to the limit of 24 by Stefano Gentile on Trice who earns two free throws. 4’04 ”at the end

PalaSerradimigni bounced because captain Jack Devecchi entered the field

84-54 2/2 Bucarelli

Bucarelli launches himself in one on one, Grant's foul arrives and sends him into the line

82-54 Support from Dallo

82-52 2/2 Kind

There is also field for Daniele Magro and Lorenzo Bucarelli (who had already entered the second quarter)

Time out called by Vincent Collet

Two free for Stefano Gentile

80-52 Pierre behind his back (or behind his head?) For Sorokas, who cannot avoid scoring

78-52 Rebound in attack and Traore's basket

78-50 Support of Traore

78-48 Still in step back, it's always him, Curtis Jerrells: +30 Sassari at 7'35 "from the end

75-48 2/2 Pierre, 8'30 ”at the end

Still an unsportsmanlike foul, this whistled against Dallo grabbing Pierre's right arm: two free and Dinamo possession

73-48 Fly in support Jerrells

71-48 Grant stands well and scores

Start the last quarter


Gentile misses by three, but does practically nothing: Dinamo is ahead by 25 points with 10 minutes to play

71-46 2/2 Sorokas

Unsportsmanlike foul booed in York, and therefore still a chance for Sassari to take further margin

Shortly afterwards another stolen man arrives, from Sorokas, who then suffers the foul from York that the referees go to review (there would be nine tenths still on the clock)

69-46 STILL JERRELLS FROM THREE! With 10 ″ in the third quarter

Last minute of the third quarter

66-46 Still York from almost lost ball, it's 21 points for him

66-44 Gentile's great ball for Evans coming from the baseline and supporting the new +22. 1’50 ”to the third siren

64-44 Realizes the York addition

64-43 Find a nice potential three-point play York, the foul is by Evans

64-41 2/2 Bilan

Still complicated to keep Bilan for the Strasbourg defense, two more free throws for the Croatian

62-41 VITALI! The +21 bomb!

0/2 Bilan

Inglis gives two more free to Bilan. 3’43 ”at the end of the third quarter

59-41 A sign from the mid-corner Scrubb

59-39 Fly Pierre! Still +20 Sassari

57-39 2/2 Evans

Evans risks a spectacular three-point game, stops him with the Inglis foul, two free

55-39 Irregular block of Grant on Vitali, two valid points

53-39 Still York from three, is trying to bring him back to Strasbourg game

53-36 1/2 Vital

Vitali earns two free throws with York's foul

52-36 Beautiful penetration of York that reaches the iron, time out called by Pozzecco

52-34 Action of Sassari, easily supports Bilan

50-34 Scrubb picks up a loose ball and rests on the glass, Strasbourg at -16

50-32 Fast transition of Strasbourg, Scrubb supports

50-30 Support of Trice

50-28 Realizes the Pierre addendum

49-28 Pierre goes around Scrubb, scores and suffers a foul

One minute without baskets

First transfer for Dinamo

Teams ready to return to the field for the third quarter of the game!

Two other statistics that speak for themselves when we are in the second part of the interval: the abundant 55% of Sassari from two and the 24-14 to rebound.

Of all the data in the game, the most unforgiving is the evaluation: 63-24 Sassari


Wrong the triple Serron, thus ending the first 20 minutes with a wide advantage in favor of Dinamo

47-28 York Triple, is his third. Last action of the fourth for Sassari, he will have another Strasbourg

47-25 Spissu receives the counterattack from Pierre, makes the man jump and leans

45-25 Beautiful penetration of Pierre who takes the whole area and flies in support!

43-25 2/2 Bilan, possession that remains to Dinamo with 1’26 ”to play in the second quarter

And in fact an unsportsmanlike foul is. But it could not be otherwise.

Grant's unsporting foul on Bilan, he took his whole arm and took no interest in the ball. The referees initially consider it normal, but they should also reach this conclusion once they have seen the video

41-25 Two others for Jerai Grant which exploits a favorable mismatch

41-23 Stops the Bilan bleeding from rebound in attack on Pierre's failed penetration. 2 ′ at the interval

39-23 Grant also sign, the guest formation continues to draw closer

39-21 Still York from three, partial from 0-9 Strasbourg

39-18 Triple from the York corner, and 3'51 "from the interval 0-6 convinces Pozzecco to call time out

39-15 Triple Scrubb, for him 7 of the 15 Strasbourg points

39-12 First two also for Sorokas

37-12 Coast to coast by Gentile, Strasbourg opens up in defense in an embarrassing way

0/2 Grant

Jerrells' foul on Grant, there are two free throws

Collet's time out was particularly fiery: from English to French, then the slate flies.

35-12 MCLEAN! Schiacciata, +23, Collet time out

33-12 And also Jerrells siscrì (again) at the shooting festival for three!

30-12 Beautiful Dallo ball catching the cut from Scrubb's bottom line

30-10 KIND! And Sassari already flies to +20!

27-10 Gentile's beautiful ball for McLean who supports! Two minutes end without even the shadow of a basket

One minute without baskets

The second quarter begins

TOP SCORER – SASSARI: Evans 8; STRASBOURG: Dallo, Scrubb, Traore, Serron, York 2

25-10 CURTIS JERRELLS! Shoot the triple on the siren, the classic of the number 55 hits after the first 10 minutes!

22-10 Evans still takes advantage of the Strasbourg defense concessions to carry out

20-10 Takes the Scrubb bottom line and realizes

Last minute of the first quarter

20-8 Trice approaching

20-6 PIERRE! Dinamo continues the solo, we are at 18-2 of partial

Foul in the attack of Evans, who denies a spectacular conclusion of excellent choral action with the smash. 2’07 ”to the first siren

18-6 BILAN! Technique drunkenness and grip of the Traore bottom line supporting the +12

16-6 Still Michele Vitali, super start for him with 7 points!

14-6 Support for Traore's glass, a rather characteristic movement of his

14-4 And again a large basket of Evans rotating towards the center of the painting

12-4 1/2 Bilan

Back on the field with two free throws for Bilan

Splendid ball of Evans for Bilan, passed behind Grant's back: there is a foul on the Croatian. Time out called by Vincent Collet

11-4 PIERRE! Partial 9-0 Sassari opened

9-4 Wrong Pierre in quick transition, collects Evans who leans against the glass

7-4 THREE WINES! Go ahead Sassari after 3'30 "

The Vitali addict is wrong

4-4 VITALI! Excellent solution for him, York fails to keep the penetration, the contact with the body is foul, but there is the potential three-point play thanks to his support

2-4 2/2 York

York duels under the basket with Spissu, there is the foul on the shot by the Sardinian and therefore two free throws

2-2 The first two of Sassari arrive with Evans who receives from Bilan and protects himself with iron

Time out called by Gianmarco Pozzecco after 1'35 ". It is quite clear that Poz did not like the Shaqtin 'style action of Pierre's Fool and various annexes and related.

0-2 First two points from Serron

Pierre, on the counterattack, one against zero, with no one within five meters, misses a basket already made

20:33 First possession of Sassari

20:31 Quintets in the field to start, in a very short two-ball!

20:29 QUINTETTI – SASSARI: Spissu Vitali Pierre Evans Bilan; STRASBOURG: York Trice Scrubb Serron Grant

20:27 Completed the presentation, very soon the go!

20:23 Here is the presentation of the two teams, in an environment that certainly does not imagine sold out (the PalaSerradimigni should be filled for about 60-65% of its capacity)

20:20 Ten minutes to the start of the match in that of the PalaSerradimigni, parquet so far left untouched in this edition of the Champions League.

20:15 Rather different, on the other hand, are the moments in Sassari and Strasbourg in the home championships: the Sardinians are third in Serie A at 10 points, while the French are tenths in Pro A (now Jeep Elite for sponsor reasons) with three victories out of eight. The outcome of the last matches is different: the one of the SIG (one point in Roanne, against the Chorale that played Euroleague a little more than 10 years ago), without glory for Dinamo (always one point in Venice, in this regard, it must be reiterated a huge hug to all those who have been affected by today's flood, which has put the whole city more than kneeling)

20:10 Yesterday one of the challenges of this grouping was played, with the Lietkabelis who found the first victory against the Polski Cukier Torun for 98-83 (32 points for Zeljko Salic). Success also for Turk Telekom Ankara, dragged to 72-66 on Ostend by the 33 of Kyle Wiltjer. Hapoel UNET Holon-Baxi Manresa is being played today.

20:05 The two teams arrive at today's meeting with a classification, in Group A, which sees Dinamo in second place with three victories and Strasbourg with two.

20:00 Good evening, and welcome to LIVE LIVE for the fifth round of Basketball Champions League, with Dinamo Sassari receiving the SIG Strasbourg at PalaSerradimigni.

The presentation of the challenge tonight – Torun-Sassari – PAOK Thessaloniki-Brindisi of yesterday

Good evening, and welcome to LIVE LIVE for the fifth game of Dinamo Sassari in Basketball Champions League for the 2019-2020 edition. The SIG Strasbourg arrives in Sardinia.

For training coached by Gianmarco Pozzecco the goal is to consolidate the positive ranking, with three wins and a defeat in group A, like Turk Telekom Ankara and Baxi Manresa, and above all to forget the basket of Mitchell Watt that broke the siren's hope of conquering the Taliercio in the championship, where Dinamo is in the third group at an altitude of 10. However, tonight is not an easy race.

Indeed, Strasbourg has a great strength on the bench, which is that Vincent Collet former coach of the French national team who reached the World Cup semi-finals after eliminating Team USA. Also in the field things are very interesting, with the former Cremona Gabe York seventh (like the landlord Dwayne Evans) for average points, with 17.5 per race, Travis Trice best free shooter of the competition (95.2%) and the former Brindisi and Ravenna Jerai Grant third for blocks (1.8). About former "Italians", there are also Alì Traore (Virtus Rome 2010-2011), Thomas Scrubb (Avellino and then Varese in the last two seasons), Damien Inglis (Capo d’Orlando 2017).

These are the words of Pozzecco on the eve: "We know we need to make the most of home games, the ones that are away are always more difficult, also because we – even if we never say it because we don't look for it – we have one more stopover and we often have to take three planes. Strasbourg is an experienced team coached by an experienced coach, it is an opponent who has everything on paper to win this competition. As Evans said, words that pleased me because they were spoken by a humble player, we are also a team that can get to the bottom and we want to work to be able to do it. The growth process must lead us to be aware of our means and convince ourselves, game after game, to be able to do it. We can only be happy to have an important goal".

Sassari-Strasbourg will be played tonight at 8.30pm. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

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