8 apps to be deleted immediately from the Android smartphone: what they are


November 8, 2019 – In the week in which Google announced on launch a new alliance to defeat dangerous apps that are continuously discovered and published on the Play Store, Wandera, a company specializing in computer security, publishes a report with 8 new dangerous apps present on the Google store.

Nothing new for users. They are now several months that are discovered each week dozens of dangerous Android apps that hide a very particular malware: adware. It is a "harmless" virus for users' personal data and has the sole purpose of show misleading advertisements on the smartphone screen. The user has no tool to defend himself: he can only locate the infected app and uninstall it from the device. The eight apps discovered by Wandera they are produced by three different software houses, but offer very similar tools: torch, alarm clock, calculator and image filters.

The company has already warned Google that it has promptly deleted apps from the Play Store, but if by chance you have installed one of the eight applications on your smartphone, our advice is to delete it immediately.

How the adware works

Adware is a particular type of virus that has a single purpose: show advertisements on the device screen. For every user click, hackers earn a few cents. Adding penny to penny, hackers can also earn several hundred euros every day.

adware present in the eight applications has a different operation than normal. After the user installed the application, the virus did not immediately start showing advertisements, but remained "dormant" for a while. Then he began to show full-screen advertisements, with the user who could not help but click on it to delete it.

What are the 8 Android apps to be deleted immediately

  • Magnifyng Glass of PumpApp
  • Super Bright LED Flashlight of PumpApp
  • Magnifier of LizotMitis
  • Magnifying Glass with Flashlight of LizotMitis
  • Super-bright-Flashlight of LizotMitis
  • Alarm Clock of iSoft LLC
  • Calculator of iSoft LLC
  • Free Magnigying Glass of iSoft LLC

What users risk

There is no one real risk for user data: adware only shows misleading advertisements. A risk, however, exists and is tangible: the health of your smartphone. Infected smartphones, in fact, remain continuously active in the background, significantly consuming the smartphone battery is increasing the internal temperature. Factors that in the long run bring the smartphone to ruin.

How to defend yourself from adware

Wandera has warned Google that it has promptly deleted the apps from the Play Store. We advise you to check your smartphone and see if you have installed one of the eight infected apps. In case of "contagion" immediately eliminate it.

The adware are sneaky viruses. Apparently harmless, but in the long run they spoil the user experience and even the internal components of the smartphone. Is there a way to defend against adware? sure. First you need to install an antivirus on your Android smartphone. There are many on the Google store, even free. Furthermore, we suggest not downloading the apps from third-party stores and relying only on official stores. Finally, before downloading an app, check the reliability of the software house and the reviews of the other users: if they are too positive or negative, it is preferable not to download them.

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