7 games in 29 days. Crucial week


The Nerazzurri are expected from the third mini-cycle of the season

It will be the month of truth for theInter of Antonio With you. There are two goals for the Nerazzurri team before the Christmas break: staying in the wake of Juve and, a difficult but not impossible feat, to overcome the Champions League group stage. Up until Christmas 7 matches will be played by the Nerazzurri in 29 days, is the third seasonal mini-cycle. The crucial week will be the one where Conte's team will first meet Roma and Barcelona at home, and then Fiorentina at the Franchi. Four of the seven matches, Inter will play at home, so the San Siro could be an important factor. In the other two cycles Inter have always gone well, but the sixth and seventh have always been complicated games (Barcelona and Juve in the first cycle, Dortmund and Verona in the last cycle).

(Sky Sports)

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