4 stocks to earn on the stock market in 2020


We are running out of 2019 and we are going to build a trading portfolio made up of 4 stocks to earn on the stock exchange in 2020. It is a very particular highly speculative portfolio for a conscious high risk profile that could also suffer high capital losses. One year, 2019 that saw the Ftse Mib rise 33% to date despite everything and despite all, among many dangers and so many delicate situations. Politics, trade war, recession in Germany, Brexit and possible recession in America, but the markets have continuously ringed new rises and new highs.

Today we're going to make the first forecasts for 2020.

Projections for the FTSE MIB Future from 19 November 2019 to 30 December 2020

Bullish trend

minimum waiting area 20.365 / 22.090

maximum waiting area 27.100 / 29.445 with possible overshooting towards the 32.500

Point of inversion of the trend: weekly closure lower than 19.765

The annual minimums should be marked by February 12th and the maximums in December.

Probability calculation

a) 20% which will be reached 32,500;

b) 40% which will be reached 29.445;

c) 70% which will be reached 24.475.

4 stocks to earn on the stock market in 2020

What are the criteria that guide us in our choice?

We have looked for 4 particular stories and actions that in recent years have seen prices fall (and not a little) and that at current levels could represent long-term winnings.

The titles we have chosen are the following:

Banca MPS (BMPS), Saipem (SPM), Telecom Italia (TIT), Tenaris (TEN),

Based on the analysts' recommendations, these are shares that are discounted compared to their fair value.

We believe that each title can rise in the year 2020 on average between 25 and 40%. We do not deny hypotheses of even 100% rise.

What are the levels that will invalidate this forecast structure in the next 3 months?

Bca MPS weekly closing lower than 1.18.

Saipem weekly closing lower than 3.13

Telecom Italia weekly closing lower than 0.4655.

Tenaris weekly closing lower than 7.57.

In the coming weeks we will return to the subject.

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