-11 points. Taranto the only possible card to re-launch


Premier Conte collapses in the polls: -11 points. Taranto the card to re-launch

He thought he could not put his face on it. He believed that Patuanelli and the Mise could do it alone. He did not want to create other frictions with the grillini – who already consider him more or less one of the Democratic Party – by hurling himself against their anti-industrialist impulses and slipping into the feuds between Lezzi and Di Maio and between all against all. Therefore, he tried for days to stay on the side of the question of issues – the former Ilva tragedy – the premier With you. Which is also from Puglia and that at the gates of the establishment of Taranto, after the break with Arcelor Mittal, several workers hoped to see them mixed: "Like when Enrico Berlinguer went to the gates of occupied Fiat".

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But let alone: ​​Conte has tried to dodge the story for a while, or at least it seemed not to want to show a personal and media protagonism of great resonance. But now, the turning point! The Ilva c'est moi case, the lawyer-premier seems to say. He took command of the dossier, took the bull by the horns and unleashed a communicative counter-attack to the cry "all together in the name of Italy!" That is, it is being proposed as a symbol and summary of a country that wants to be serious, does not abandon workers and still aims at the South and in fact (hasn't this expression been heard thousands of times already?), Here it is promised to Porta a Porta, beyond to the "crisis table", a formula which in turn is not new, "an extraordinary Investment Plan for the South".

Why this change of pace from the low, or medium, profile to the most total public exposure? The reasons are of a political nature, of course, dictated by the need to keep the partners of the majority and the exponents of the individual parties together. Up to go to tell – always yesterday in tivvu – an almost surreal story. That according to which, in the case of Arcelor Mittal accepting a new penal shield, he would personally "talk to each of the M5S members" to convince them of the absolute opportunity of the matter. And the fact that yesterday it went to tivvu, that we wanted to go, that it was he himself who proposed the transmission of Bruno Vespa, to set the "battle for Italian dignity", is the attempt to give himself a centrality that can revive his image. In a national-popular key, in the name of a patriotic ecumenism, with that little bit of populism that it once exhibited, then no, but in some cases it is advisable to dust off and in short the message to the nation: "We will do everything to save jobs and carry out the industrial and environmental plan. We must all do it together, united and compact ".

He also went to see President Mattarella yesterday to find comfort for his new engagement, to have the support of the man most loved by Italians. At the base of Conte's turn there seems to be precisely a liking problem, there is a need to recover those levels of trust on the part of the Italians who have been much lower than before. The effort to rediscover the centrality by handling a big public issue – and even challenging Salvini on his own ground: "I turn, on the former Ilva case, even those who define themselves as sovereign because their position seems to me to be controversial" – will succeed in giving new impetus to a parable in the waning phase? The dish is the one described by the new SWG survey. Now (survey is on November 4) the confidence that Italians place in the head of the government is at a minimum: it comes from only 40 percent of the citizens. Two months ago (2 September), he had a confidence index 11 points higher: he was 51%.

Since then, a decrease (presumably unhappy) of the yellow-rose Count up to this current score: 6 percent of the respondents declared themselves "very confident" in the premier and 34 percent said they were "quite confident". The sum, in fact, is 40. The other sum is much more other. It is the one that brings together those who have "little confidence" in Conte (36 percent) and those who have none (24) and the total does 60 percent. The Swg trend is one that more or less reflects the collective moods, and even from the parts of Palazzo Chigi they will have begun to notice this parable. Suffice it to say that, at the time of the yellow-green executive, on June 4, 2018 Conte was at the top with 58 percent confidence index. Returning to those peaks would seem very complicated, but concentrating on one's own person – while Di Maio is desaparecido and the Democratic Party would like to hide – the battle of "I will save you" about the former Ilva must have seemed to the people's advocate eager to reappear as such, a bet to be played. Or at least a state of necessity. And that Padre Pio, Pugliese like him and his idol, protect him. Although last night Conte did not show at Porta a Porta the little picture of the saint from Pertalcina, which he always carries in his pocket. But maybe it will be for next time, hoping that it will be miraculous both for himself and for Taranto.


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