You are this, Maria De Filippi takes up Belen for the blunder in Italian. Then the tears


A second episode of You are this complex, for Belen Rodriguez. In fact, during the Saturday night show broadcast on Channel 5, Argentina was first picked up by Maria De Filippi for his Italian. Of course, an ironic remark that must have touched it, at least a little. Belen, in fact, at the beginning of the program, tried her hand at a summary of the rules of You are this. "An assumption", said the wife of Stefano De Martino. Ready the beating of De Filippi, even with a smile: "It is said summarized". At that point Rodriguez repeated, correctly," summary ". And he added:" Unfortunately the Spaniard always comes out. And I'm doing my diction as well ". But that's not all, because shortly after Belen Rodriguez she burst into tears following the exhibition of Danila, who touched her deeply: "I was moved because Danila is right, sometimes with a small gesture you can change everything. It happens to each of us of going through a difficult, complicated moment, and we cannot understand that happiness is at hand, "concluded Belen Rodriguez.

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