Women, Juve-Fiorentina 2-0: the Supercup is Juventus!


Decides Girelli, with a fine shot on Cernoia's play of cunning; closes Staskova, with another intuition signed Caruso. That is enough for Juve Women to beat Fiorentina (2-0, the final result in Cesena) and win the Italian Super Cup: is the fourth trophy of the Guarino-Braghin management.


94 '- Mauro tries head first: para Giuliani.
92 '- GOALS OF JUVENTUS WOMEN. Caruso lights up Staskova, who does not forgive in front of the goalkeeper: it is 2-0 for the bianconere.
90 '- 5' of recovery.
85 '- Caruso from (almost) impossible punishment: Ohrstrom pushes back with his thigh.
81 '- From the corner kick, Girelli soars that he returns to the center: Sembrant arrives, but the pumpkin is high!
80 '- Part Alves in speed: for Ohrstrom, it will be corner.
79 '- De Vanna tries the external conclusion: good Giuliani to fade.
74 '- Chernobyl tries the left-handed from the edge of the area: easy for Ohrstrom.
54 '- We test Galli from distance: the goalkeeper checks the trajectory.
48 '- Cernoia launches Rosucci, the right of the midfielder is wide.
46 '- Cross by Cernoia, spiked by Girelli and right by Aluko: the action is wonderful, the conclusion of English a little less.
45 '- The race starts again. Inside Ilaria Mauro.
48 '- The first half ends here. Here TOP and FLOP of the bianconere.

45 '- 3' of recovery.
35 '- Aluko's great cross, which finds Pedersen's twist: high header.
25 '- Punishment of Chernobyl from the limit: barrier! On the rebutted, an alleged touch of a purple hand: the referee did not judge him as a foul.
12 '- The Viola responds immediately: Parisi's right from distance, a conclusion that ends very high.
11 '- GOALS OF JUVENTUS WOMEN. Great filter of Galli that finds the veil of Cernoia. Ball on the right of Girelli, that is not wrong: it is 1-0 for Juventus!
9 '- Right-wing from Galli's distance: wide ball.
3 '- Immediately great chance for Juve: cross from the left and Girelli who stands out from the head. Does not hit well on a crossbar that is too high.
1 – Kick offJUVE-FIORENTINA 2-0 (Girelli 11 ', Staskova 92')
Juve Women (4-3-3):
Giuliani, Hyyrynen, Gama, Sembrant, Boattin; Pedersen, Galli, Rosucci (from 57 'Alves); Aluko (from 87 'Staskova), Girelli, Cernoia (from 77' Caruso). All. Guarino
Fiorentina (4-1-4-1): Ohrstrom, Guagni, Arnth, Agard, Tortelli, Vigilucci, Adami (from 46 'Mauro), Parisi, Breitner, Bonetti (from 53' De Vanna), Thogersen. All. Cincotta

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