Without janitors, shifts to go to the bathroom; protect professors from additional responsibilities




To protect the teachers from further responsibilities, a school manager issued a circular to prohibit students from going to the bathroom alone in the absence of caretakers in the corridors.

The lack of ATA staff in schools, following the death of the child who fell in the school's stairwell, affects the physiological needs of the students.

There school manager has indicated gods shifts to go to the bathroom. "I acted in the primary interest of student safety – the head teacher told the newspaper Il Mattino – protect the safety of students and do not expose teachers to responsibility. It is a protection for teachers after the serious events in Milan".

The circular was also addressed to families. "It is recommended to check the status of the toilets before and after – we read in the circular – to monitor the degree of civic competence of the students and correct any inappropriate behavior. In the afternoon hours, the same shifts will be respected, starting with the return from the canteen".

THE school collaborators have been invited to treat particularly the cleaning of Toilet, doing particular attention ai "dangers of slipping both in the service areas and in front of them".

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