Withdraw, pay cash: everything will change from 2020 on


Heavy farewells and new heavy taxes …,
                                    Filadelfo Scamporrino, PUBLISHED:

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Bank account

Since 2020 everything changes for individual and professional companies. Dedicated bank account and separate from personal account. Inland Revenue, it will be easier to file all the movements.

With the maneuver of the Giallorossi government from the 2020 the use of cash will change radically. Who will pay with electronic money, in fact, will be able to take advantage of the bonus accrual, while those who continue to pay cash, with a limit lowered from next year from 3,000 to 2,000 euros, it will remain dry.

Since 2020 everything changes for individual and professional companies

Furthermore, from next year it will change everything not just on payments, with millions of citizens ccall to choose whether to continue to pay cash or take advantage of the guaranteed bonuses through traceable payments, but also on withdrawals and on payments of cash.

According to what is contained in the Tax decree linked to the Budget lawin fact, individual businesses and professionals will have the obligation to bring everyone together money movements, and all operations related to the activity, in a special current account other than personal account in accordance with what was reported by laleggepertutti.it.

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