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For us Italians it is important to own a home, it gives us security and stability in life. Precisely in this regard, the Italian people, compared to other European peoples, have a higher percentage of property owners. The State also encourages the purchase of real estate, offering also to the most disadvantaged categories of people facilitations for the stipulation of a mortgage loan, but against very specific requirements.

The questions of our readers

Every day, in the editorial office, questions come from our readers who ask us for information, and today we try to satisfy the following questions with our answers:

"I am 63 years old, I have the 104 law for incapacity for work and I have a serious handicap, I can apply for a 20/30 year mortgage. Thanks";

"Hi, I live in the province of Biella Piedmont. We have a child of 5 years 100% invalid, I wanted information, if possible, about the mortgage. Best regards";

"Good afternoon a person with an accompanying check plus 104 can apply for a mortgage to purchase a property. P.Š. the applicant is 31 years old. Thanks";

"Good morning, I write after reading the article relating to the loan L. 104 plafond. My question is as follows: I am 50 years old, 100% disabled with a guide and I use Law 104. The apartment I live in is no longer suitable due to physical limitations. I need a bigger house. The family unit is composed only of me. Can I take advantage of the loan with L. 104? Otherwise, what other mortgage subsidies are provided for those over 35 and the family is formed by itself? With gratitude";

"I wanted to know more about this article I have a disabled child and I live alone can I make a mortgage? ”.

Mortgage law 104: Plafond home the clarifications

As we have already clarified in our other articles, the house Plafond plan was not activated for the year 2019 due to a failed agreement between the ABI and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. This plan was active until 2018 and favored the stipulation of a loan on favorable terms to categories that may be disadvantaged, such as disabled people, young couples under the age of 35 for a component and less than 45 for the other and large families with at least three children . Home Plafond allowed, therefore, the request for a mortgage loan for the purchase or renovation of a building, at greatly facilitated rates.

For further information, we invite you to read "Mutual facilitated law 104, we clarify"

Soft loan: the alternative is the Mortgage Guarantee Fund

The State, for 2019 has activated the 50% Consap Mortgage Guarantee Fund to facilitate certain categories of people who possess certain requisites, the stipulation of a mortgage loan for the purchase of a first home.

The Guarantee Fund has been included in the Growth Decree Law 2019. The characteristics that the mortgage must have to be able to take advantage of the 50% guarantee by the State are:

  • the amount must not exceed 250 thousand euros;
  • you must buy a first home;
  • it doesn't have to be luxury.

A loan can also be requested for restructuring interventions aimed at increasing energy efficiency.

The guarantee request cannot be forwarded by subjects who already own other properties, unless they have been received as a result of succession or given free of charge to parents or siblings.

Please note that the current Government has included in the 2020 budget law draft the renewal of the 50% mortgage guarantee fund for the whole of 2020.

Consap mutual guarantee fund: the requirements

Consap first home guarantee fund is aimed at a specific category of subjects, which are:

  • young couples with at least one of the two members do not exceed 35 years;
  • singles with minor children;
  • young people up to the age of 35;
  • public housing tenants.

These requirements give priority to the provision of secured mortgages, which are regulated at the counter, which means that banks first consider the applications submitted by these subjects and then those presented by subjects that do not belong to the aforementioned categories. In summary, the guarantee request can be made by everyone without an income or age limit, but the bank will evaluate the actual disbursement.

So nothing precludes the fact that a disabled person or an applicant who has a disabled person inside his / her family, cannot apply for this guarantee for the stipulation of a mortgage for the purpose of purchasing a first home.

Response to readers

Based on what is stated in the article, we can reply to our readers.

For the first reader: Dear Reader, you can apply for a mortgage to purchase your first home by applying to the Consap Guarantee Fund. Even if its requirements are not entirely within those required. This is because the Guarantee Fund is regulated at the counter, so it will be the bank to which it will turn to take charge of its application. After giving precedence to applications submitted by persons with the requisites required, it will deal with those submitted by other parties until the capital that the State makes available to each bank adheres to the agreement.

For the second reader: Dear reader, since you did not give me the age, I can tell you that you, like the previous reader, can also use the guarantee of the State guarantee for the stipulation of the loan. But, if you were under 35, you would meet the requirements. Therefore it can be facilitated in the disbursement of the loan.

For the third reader: Dear Reader, you can apply for the loan by applying for the 50% Consap Mortgage Guarantee Fund, as it is less than 35 years old which is one of the requisites.

For the fourth reader: Dear reader, your situation is a bit peculiar, because to apply for a loan with the Guarantee Fund, you don't have to be a property owner already, as this fund is aimed purely for the purchase of a first home. I advise you to contact your banking institution or one that adheres to the Guarantee Fund that you can find listed here, for more information.

For the fifth reader: Dear reader, you can request to use the guarantee fund for the stipulation of a mortgage for the purchase of a first home, as it possesses the requisites required, specifically "single with dependent children". Please contact one of the institutions participating in the agreement.

Home loan: Consap mutual guarantee fund as an alternative to the mortgage law 104

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