Who are the personalities who decided to boycott Eric Zemmour and CNEWS?


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Your question refers to the reactions to the hiring, by CNEWS, of Eric Zemmour, finally convicted of inciting religious hatred on September 17, and author of an Islamophobic speech at the convention of the Right Ten days later.

The LREET 2nd constituency MP LaREM Caroline Janvier explained on October 10 that she would no longer visit CNews, using the #BoycottCNews hashtag launched earlier on Twitter.

Same step in the following days from his colleague from the Assembly and member of the Val d'Oise (LaRem) Fiona Lazaar, or Guillaume Chiche, deputy LaRem des Deux-Sevres.

Also in the political world, Cedric Villani, interviewed on CNews, expressed his regret at having been informed so late the homophobic remarks made the previous day by Eric Zemmour, ensuring that he would have canceled his visit if he had had front wind. His "entourage" has since confided to Release that the candidate for mayor of Paris did not intend to boycott the chain permanently.

For his part, Jacques Attali announced, in response to a tweet from Jean-Pierre Elkabbach announcing the arrival of Attali the next morning, that hewould come over on CNews for the moment". Without saying explicitly if it had a link with the presence of Eric Zemmour.

Monday, October 14, in a blog post of Mediapart, fifteen personalities had signed a ticket entitled: "We will not go on CNews anymore!"

Here's how the text begins: "We, people committed against the stigmatization of scapegoats in our country, we will not go to CNews as long as the channel maintains its project of emission that will give the floor to the polemicist far right Eric Zemmour. Let's be clear, it is not the plurality of opinions that we refute. The debate of ideas, the disagreements are necessary to the democracy. Voices speak every day on our television channels, position themselves on immigration, the rights of women, homosexuals, foreigners, or. But there is a moment when certain voices, of supremacist inspiration, go beyond all bounds, fall foul of the law, and it becomes criminal to give them such an audience. Racism, the call to hatred and violence against minorities are crimes!"

Among the 14 signatories: Maxime Combes, spokesman for ATTAC, Laurence de Cock, historian, Fatima Benomar and Caroline de Haas, both members of the feminist collective #NousToutes.

Valerie Trierweiler had also announced her decision to stop responding to the channel's invitations on the CNews set on 10 October. "This is the last time I come to your channel since it welcomes Eric Zemmour, who for me, advocates hatredShe had told Laurence Ferrari on Punchline.

On Twitter, Marwan Muhammad, former director of the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) also said, screenshot of a text message visibly sent to a CNews programmer in support, no longer want to go on this channel.

No ads of the week during Zemmour

Finally, the personalities are not the only ones to boycott the chain since the arrival of Eric Zemmour. As CheckNews has seen, there has been no advertising since the launch of the program on October 14, whether before, during or after the show in which Eric Zemmour participates.

Note that CNews is not alone in dissuading some guests to come on the plateau. The economist Thomas Porcher has decided to boycott LCI because of the words of Olivier Galzi who had compared the day before the Islamic veil to the SS uniform.

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