When giant mushrooms come out of the ground in Auvergne and Limousin – Clermont-Ferrand (63000)


The latest giant mushroom find is that of a Correzien in Marcillac-la-Croisille … A 4 kg cepe picked by Georges in his property near a pond.

A 4 kg cepe harvested in Correze

A cep of 4 kg picked up towards Marcillac in Correze
This is not the first time that the lands of Correze emerge giant mushrooms.

1.9 and 3.5 kg: giant porcini mushrooms picked in Correze

Romain will remember for a long time his picking this Wednesday, October 9th. He had gone with his uncle, Alain, to look for mushrooms on the side of the Millevaches plateau. For this 24-year-old resident of Chasteaux, mushrooms are a passion. And the ride, which lasted all day, was not in vain: the two fellows fell on a mastodon. This very broad and very firm cep weighs a trifle of 3.5 kg. Even the grandfather of Romain, who is Correzien and who has long been picking mushrooms, had never seen that.

1.9 and 3.5 kg: giant porcini mushrooms picked in Correze

In Voutezac, it is a cep of 1,960 kg which was found.
A few days before it was a resident of Secles who fell on a mushroom of 3.3 kg.

A pretty fabulous discovery

A head of 2.3 kg with six heads

In 2014, in the woods in the municipality of Aix en Correze, a mushroom collector had fallen on a strange specimen: a six-headed cep weighing 2.3 kg and measuring more than 40 cm in diameter.

A head of 2.3 kg with six heads

A six-headed porcini weighing 2.3 kg and measuring more than 40 cm in diameter.
Also in 2014, on the bank of a river near Conceze, an experienced mushroom scientist had discovered a 2.1 kg cep.

A giant cep

Giant Wolf Vessels

There are not only porcini mushrooms in Correze, but there are also giant wolfbills like those found in 2011 between Brive and Tulle by a couple of Correziens.

The unusual photo of the day: rainy July, bulky mushroom

Two wolfpoles, found between Brive and Tulle.
The giant mushroom is not a particularity of the Correze. In recent years we have published many articles. Here is a small anthology of the biggest finds:
• Alexis, 12, does not regret having accompanied his farmer father, in the fields, last Monday. Back from the meadows, along a pine grove, the boy did not believe his eyes. A superb porcini weighing more than two kilograms stood majestically on a slope at the edge of the wood.
• Last May, Patrick Deneyrat, from Aurillac, made a good harvest in the Goul Valley: 36 large morels for a total of 5 kg, one of 705 g measuring 30 cm, and another 400 g!

• A 3 kg puffball discovered in 2011 in Clerlande, Puy-de-Dôme.

• A beautiful girolle 25 centimeters in diameter, in August 2014, discovered at La Bourboule by Pierre.
• Many wolfpoles that grew in 36 hours in the village of Farges, common Ancizes-Comps. The largest wolfpole weighs 3,680 kg.

• Last May, Serge found in the valley of Mandailles, in the Cantal, a morel of 630 g and 35 cm.

• In October 2013, William, a mushroom collector, had flushed a frizzy sparassis, also called 2,310 kg of pine or cauliflower, at Ambert, on the road to Champetieres.

• Lucas, 5, fell in October 2015, on a cep 1.2 kg in the communal woods of St. Jacques d'Ambur, in the Puy-de-Dome.
• Rene, 68, his grandsons Julien and Many had walked for six hours the woods on the side of Cistrieres (Haute-Loire), a Saturday in October 2016. They had in particular brought back a cepe of 1.5 kg.

• At the beginning of September, Alan discovered in the Montagne Thiernoise, a wood cauliflower – also called frizzled sparassis – weighing nearly 12 kg!

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