When concrete blocks rot the life of a restaurant Sirault: "I will challenge the minister"



MP Jacqueline Galant will react even if the SPW justifies his action.
Since Wednesday morning, concrete blocks have been placed right in front of the restaurant Le Noir Bonnet in Sirault. What totally surprise the owners of the establishment located at the Rue de Chievres (N525). "We were not asked for our authorization whileconcrete blocks were laid to close our private land, our parking ", denounces Alicia Rossi, the boss.

These are agents of the Public Service of Wallonia (SPW), competent for this regional road, who came to place these facilities. "The competent authorities would have judged that it is our customers who are responsible for accidents at the junction. It's been six years that I own the Black Bonnet and I have never seen one of my clients be involved in an accident leaving my parking lot. We asked for a solution to limit the speed and also to arrange a pedestrian crossing between the car park and the entrance of the restaurant. Instead, they put these blocks. "

The restaurant ensures not to have been warned while Luc Dumont (PS), alderman of mobility and works, also goes in this direction. "Personally, I was not at all aware"says the alderman of Saint-Ghislain. "I went there on Wednesday evening to meet the owners of the restaurant especially in relation to the pedestrian crossing which is very dangerous, especially since the concrete blocks were placed.I will try to intervene to change things positively. "

"I am going to challenge the mobility minister Philippe Henry to denounce the lack of consultation with the restaurant ", assures for its part the deputy mayor of Jurbise Jacqueline Galant (MR), whose municipality is bordering this axis. "This layout has been made in spite of common sense, and it can create accidents because customers will be lost when they arrive, there is no sign of the change."

"They knew about it," says SPW

Contacted, the SPW justifies itself. "The parking of the restaurant gives directly on a carport considered very accidentogenic. Following a provincial road safety commission (CPSR), which brings together, among others, our services, the municipality concerned and the police, the decision was made to move the entrance of the car park further from the intersection for greater security. Nearly 9,000 euros have been invested in this project. The concrete bollards were placed in front of the old exit so that cars in the parking lot do not come out in the middle of this dangerous junction. They were positioned with enough space between them to let pedestrians through. Meetings were organized with the commune, the police and the restaurant keeper several months ago. The project manager even saw the restaurant owner in July. So they are well aware. "

S. Ha.

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