"We forgotten", the malaise of the shepherds grows. Bellanova Tuesday in Cagliari


Tension rises in the Sardinian countryside. Protests over the milk dispute could soon regain vigor and – who knows – return to the levels of last February.

The last ministerial table dates back to May and today, with the dairy season just started again (October 1), there are signs of discomfort, which the silence of politics on the matter is not able to quell.

"The impression – explains Gianuario Falchi, one of the representatives of the farmers at the ministerial table – is that the dispute has been set aside by politics, and that the change of government and the various electoral campaigns have not helped".

The price of Roman pecorino increases ("It has reached 6.95 euros per kilo", explains Falchi), but the one recognized to the shepherds no.

The emergency, in short, "is not over," the breeder continues. "Throwing milk was very painful for us, and today people are desperate because, with respect to the solutions proposed, only our pain remains. We have no answers, yet we have done the impossible to bring home the result".

The pastors urge a new meeting at the ministry to define the rules for the coming years. "And instead – Falchi complains – nothing is moving, the 49 million for the sector are still in a drawer and the policy is washing its hands. The shepherds have already scraped the shovel, you can not continue to produce with these prices" .

BELLANOVA IN CAGLIARI – And today, during the regional council, Agriculture Councilor Gabriella Murgia announced that the Minister of Agricultural Policies Teresa Bellanova will be in Cagliari on Tuesday 29 October. The details of the program of the visit are not known, but Murgia anticipated that Bellanova will meet Christian Solinas and the breeders' associations.

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