Wayne Rooney and Jamie Vardy's women settle their accounts on the internet


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Netflix seized the case by announcing, ironically, want to produce an adaptation of this settlement.
Very good friends in the past, the women of Wayne Rooney, Coleen, and Jamie Vardy, Rebekah have settled their accounts in the public square. Coleen Rooney claims that Jamie Vardy's wife has sold confidential information to the tabloid The Sun. On Instagram, she explains how she discovered the pot to the roses: "DFor several years, someone I trust and who follows my private Instagram account constantly informed The Sun newspaper of my posts and stories'', wrote Coleen Rooney. ''After a while, I ended up having some doubts … "she begins before going on:" I recorded and took a screenshot of all my stories to prove that only one person had seen them. And that was … Rebekah Vardy's account."

Attacked by her former friend, Rebekah Vardy responded, always through the social networks by asserting her innocence: ''I hope you would have called me if you really thought that. If you had told me about it, I would have changed my passwords to see if it kept going''

Always on the lookout for a good publicity stunt, Netflix mingled with the matter by wondering, ironically, if he should not make an adaptation ..

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