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21.10 Thank you for joining us in this Live Live, but stay on OA Sport: you will know in real time how the Verstappen case will evolve (penalty risk), you will find rankings, starting grid, news, declarations, analysis, in-depth analysis, videos and a lot of other. A sporting greeting from Federico Militello.

21.08 Verstappen, as can be seen from the replay, did not step up during the last lap despite the yellow flags being waved. Risk of time cancellation and penalty.

21.07 Tomorrow's race will be a living, from the start where the very long straight could lead to a reshuffle of positions.

21.06 So the Ferrari's pole-position streak ends at five. Today, against this Verstappen, there was little to do: Red Bull was able to limit the damage in the first part of the engine, then making the difference in the central part with slow curves.

21.04 ATTENTION, THERE IS A YELLOW! Verstappen scored his best time during the last attempt, passing the last corner after Bottas had already run into the accident. Unlike the other drivers, he did not lift his foot: could he be penalized? No communication on the matter at the moment.

21.02 Verstappen preceded Leclerc by 0.266, Vettel by 0.412, Hamilton by 0.504. 5th Albon at 0.578, 6th Bottas at 0.580 (and with the Mercedes destroyed).

21.01 Verstappen gets better, achieves the track record in 1’14 ″ 758 and takes pole position!

21.00 Leclerc ends long, nothing to do.

20.58 Everyone on the track, final battle! Leclerc the first to launch, Vettel the last.

20.57 Three minutes to the end. It remains a single attempt … It will take perfection to beat this Verstappen …

20.55 It is in the second and third sector that Red Bull makes the difference on Ferrari thanks to a better aerodynamic set-up, managing to limit the damage in the first part of the engine.

20.54 The Red Bull is therefore the machine to beat, but the gaps are really contained. With a perfect lap both Leclerc and Vettel can try to overtake the Dutch. But also beware of Hamilton.

20.53 Verstappen in command in 1’14 ″ 910. 2nd Leclerc at 0.114, 3rd Vettel at 0.260, 4th Hamilton at 0.380, 5th Albon at 0.426, 6th Bottas at 0.428.

20.50 During the launch Albon got in the middle of the Ferrels of Vettel and Leclerc.

20.49 Bottas and Hamilton on the track. The Ferrari immediately replies. Obviously all with new soft tires.

20.48 Q3 STARTED! 12 minutes of fire, the feeling is that we are about to attend one of the most uncertain qualifications of the season. Much balance in the 2019 Mexican GP.

20.46 First session dominated by Red Bull, second by Mercedes. And the third one?

20.45 The complete classification of Q2.

20.43 The Q2 ended with the two Mercedes of Hamilton and Bottas in front of everyone, almost surprising for what had been the trend of the weekend. Vettel third at 0.193, Verstappen fourth at 0.415, Leclerc fifth at 0.498. But with soft it could change everything in Q3 …

20.42 Eliminated, from the eleventh to the fifteenth position, the following pilots: Perez, Hulkenberg, Ricciardo, Raikkonen and Giovinazzi.

20.40 ALARM! The Mercedes comes out of nowhere. In trouble for the whole weekend, now a scodata that hurts: Hamilton leads with the averages in 1’15 ″ 721, 2nd Bottas at 0.131. The Ferraris, as expected, do not complete the lap.

20.39 Ferrari must not complete this lap with the soft ones improving the previous time, otherwise it will not start with the averages in the race.

20.37 Ferrari instead on the track with soft tires. Now it's a game of chess ahead of tomorrow's strategy.

20.36 Bottas and Hamilton do not feel calm and fall with the averages.

20.35 Five minutes at the end of Q2, at the moment eliminated Sainz, Giovinazzi, Raikkonen, Gasly and Kvyat.

20.33 Bottas puts a patch and goes up to the fourth position at 0.484, overtaking Hamilton.

20.32 At the moment Antonio Giovinazzi is 12th, just ahead of Kimi Raikkonen: the two Alfa Romeo-Sauber have to look for the flash to grab the Q3.

20.30 Verstappen is confirmed as a danger and is second at 0.222 from Vettel. 3rd Leclerc at 0.305, 4th Hamilton over half a second (+0.567). Ultimo Bottas, who made a mistake, passing more than seven seconds from the top. The Finn risks, he could be forced to use the soft.

20.29 VETTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL !!! THAT TEMPONEEEEEEEEE !! 1’15 ″ 914 WITH THE MEDIA! He already did better than Verstappen who had used the softwares in the previous session.

20.28 1’17 ″ 712 for the Toro Rosso of Kvyat, so far very competitive.

20.26 Ferrari and Mercedes have medium tires (yellow compound). They want to pass the cut with this type of tire, and then use it even at the start of the race, as per the regulation.

20.25 START Q2! 15 minutes duration, five more pilots will be eliminated.

20.24 We will see in Q2 if Red Bull will be confirmed as a natural pretender to the front row. Ferrari that has accused understeer in the third sector.

20.23 The complete classification of Q1.

20.21 Red Bull dominated Q1: Max Verstappen, in 1'15 ″ 949, preceded his teammate Albon (+0.226). 3rd at 4 tenths Leclerc, then Hamilton (+0.475), Vettel (+0.747) and Kvyat with Toro Rosso. Eighth Bottas at 1 ″ 1.

20.20 Riders eliminated from 16th to 20th position: Stroll, Magnussen, Grosjean, Russell and Kubica.

8:18 pm Giovinazzo doesn't improve, but nobody passes him and he saves himself of a breath! The Italian accesses the Q2 from the fifteenth.

20.16 Giovinazzi is launched now, he must absolutely improve himself to avoid elimination.

8.15pm Giovinazzi in direct confrontation with team-mate Kimi Raikkonen: the Finn is seventh. The Pugliese has to give something more.

20.13 Red Bull makes the difference in the second sector, the one where the aerodynamic load counts most. The usual weakness of Ferrari, even though the SF90 has grown a lot in this respect too.

20.12 5 minutes to the end, Giovinazzi is 15th at 2 seconds from the top, he is risking the cut.

20.11 Leclerc gets better and overtakes Hamilton in third place, but still at 0.415 from Verstappen. Is Red Bull already shooting all its cartridges?

20.09 CRAZY LAUNCH OF THE RED BULL! Verstappen moves ahead of everyone in 1’15 ″ 949. 2nd Albon at 0.226, 3rd Hamilton at 0.475, 4th Leclerc 0.743, 5th Vettel at 0.910, sixth Bottas even at 1 "113. Postings too important to be truthful.

20.08 INCREDIBLE SURPRISE! Albon flies in the lead with Red Bull with a time of 1’16 ″ 175!

20.07 1'16 ″ 859, Vettel in command!

20.06 Grosjean spin with the Haas. On the track also Leclerc and the Mercedes. It's serious …

20.05 Vettel takes to the track, not yet Leclerc.

20.04 Russell trims well 766 thousandths to Williams teammate.

20.04 1’20 ″ 313 for Kubica, very high time.

20.03 For now they are stalling Ferrari and Mercedes.

20.02 18 minutes the duration of Q1, 2'30 have passed ”.

20.02 As usual, the Williams of Russell and Kubica are the first to take to the track.

20.01 These are the weather conditions. It should not rain, but beware that, with the tropical Mexican climate, downpours are always sudden and abundant.


19.59 Hermanos Rodriguez crowded, all cheering on the home idol Sergio Perez, who will have to outdo himself with the Racing Point.

19.57 Three qualifying sessions will be held as usual. Five pilots will be eliminated in the first and five in the second. Ten will be in contention for the pole.

19.54 Ferrari is favored, but woe to underestimate Lewis Hamilton. The Briton said he was aiming for victory, without making rankings calculations.

19.52 The only Italian driver on the track, as is known, will be Antonio Giovinazzi with Alfa Romeo-Sauber: for the Pugliese the minimum objective will be to overcome the obstacle of Q1, the dream coming to Q3.

19.50 There are 10 minutes left to qualify for the 2019 Mexican GP.

7.48 pm Sebastian Vettel seemed more at ease than Charles Leclerc on this track. The German really seems to have been reborn after the success of Singapore. A regenerated pilot.

7.45 pm Despite starting from pole in both Japan and Russia, Ferrari failed to win the last two races. Many mistakes have been made, on these we will have to work if we really want to aim for the World Championship in 2020.

19.42 The best of FP3.

7.40 pm During the current season, Charles Leclerc grabbed 6 pole positions, Bottas and Hamilton 4, Vettel 2, Verstappen 1.

19.38 The long straights of Hermanos should favor the Ferrari engine, on which some German media have raised doubts about regularity. It is clear that we are already facing the first skirmishes ahead of the 2020 World Cup.

19.35 From Spa onwards Ferrari has always taken the pole. Today, if obtained, would be the sixth consecutive. On the dry lap the Prancing Horse passed the Mercedes. The problem remains the race, especially in tire management.

19.33 Lewis Hamilton, more than on the Ferraris, will make the race on his team mate: he must in fact earn 14 points on Bottas to graduate world champion for the sixth time and with three advance races.

19.30 Daniel Ricciardo seems to have fallen better in the Mexican atmosphere.

19.25 As seen in the course of free practice, the Ferrari will aim to grab the pole position: on the dry lap the SF90 has something more than the Mercedes.

19.22 Qualifying for Hermanos Rodriguez will start at 20.00.

19.20 Welcome back friends of OA Sport and welcome to Live Report of qualifying for the 2019 Mexican GP.

Free Practice Chronicle 3


Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE for the qualifications of the 2019 Mexican GP, stage of the F1 World Championship that takes place on the circuit named after the Hernandez brothers. A promises to be one Very tight battle for the conquest of pole position, the starting grid for Sunday's race is defined and we will certainly see some good views of the uncertainty that seems to reign supreme in Mexico City after Friday's free practice. Attention also to the weather because the forecasts of the eve are not comforting and it could even rain by remixing all the cards on the table.

The Ferraris want to lay down the law and take pole position confirming the excellent moment of form, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc have an excellent pace on the dry lap and they can also point to a red front row but the Maranello cars will have to be very careful with all the competition because on this track in certain conditions everything can really happen. Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have to raise their heads with the Mercedes even if the long straight doesn't seem to be favorable, Max Verstappen has shown he can be part of the game with his Red Bull.

OA Sport offers LIVE LIVE for the qualifications of the 2019 Mexican GP, stage of the F1 World Championship: real-time news, minute by minute, so as not to miss anything really. It starts at 20.00. Have a good fun.

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