Uttam Tum Chat, shopping, use to make billions of money in circulation Fired the vendors supporting the opening phase 2


Uttam Tum Chat, shopping, use to make billions of money in circulation Fired the vendors supporting the opening phase 2

Reporters reported that on 6 October 2019, Mr Utom Sao, Mr. Minister of Finance, posted on Facebook, personally said Tasting and shopping measures are not the only economic consequences. There is also an image of generosity in society. In the past 1 week for driving the shopping tasting measures to use And the feedback from the people and people are still ongoing Most recently, it has been reported that around 1.3 million users have spent through this measure, resulting in more than 1 billion baht of revolving funds in the economy, with over 1.7 hundred thousand participating merchants.

On 4 October, he participated in an activity in Rayong. And took the opportunity to go to Nong Mon market in Chonburi province to visit and listen to the opinions of the traders And the people who participated in the shopping and tasting measures which was very happy That the trader and the seller sells And people Appreciate this measure And requesting additional extensions Which is certain that there will be a second phase And will improve operational efficiency Facilitating more people.

In addition, images of officers from relevant departments To the area in various community markets Which is highly appreciated That everyone, all parties work together fully, such as having to go to the table to recruit vendors to sell in the community market Because some sellers sell Especially those who are very old Said that there was no time to apply Including not understanding technology The staff also have advice to talk. Which is a very impressive image Including seeing pictures of children That have participated in the shopping tasting measures used Take parents Including family members Gather together to travel together It is a way to spend time together happily.

"Personally, the shopping tasting measures use Not only affecting the economy But also helps to make the society closer There is mutual generosity. Thank you, "said Uttom.

Reporters reported that Currently, the Ministry of Finance is in the process of considering shopping tasting phase 2, with details expected to be disclosed. As well as having to register by this October and will be revamped the form of use from the original

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