USA: Seven dead in crash of World War II bomber


A B-17 bomber, a "flying fortress", crashed Wednesday at a Connecticut airport in the United States, where he was taking part in an exhibition on the Second World War.

According to the authorities, of the 13 people on board, seven were killed and six admitted to the hospital. A person on the ground was also injured.

This B-17 is one of the last eighteen aircraft in flight state. Designed in the second half of the 1930s, this aircraft, which had been produced with 12,677 units, was capable of carrying a ton of bombs over 3,000 km flying at an average speed of more than 400 km / h.

During the Second World War, this type of bomber was engaged in many theaters of operations in the Pacific, Mediterranean or France.

According to local authorities, the crash occurred at 9:54 am local time. In an excerpt from the conversation between the aircraft and the control tower, we hear the pilot asking, shortly after take-off, to be able to land urgently because of an engine problem.

A team of investigators from the National Transportation Safety Agency (NTSB) arrived on site Wednesday afternoon, and immediately began to examine the crash site, calling on the public to send photos of all stages of the flight that could help find the cause.

One of the team's leaders said the investigators would be quick to determine what inspections were made of these old devices and whether safety recommendations should be issued urgently.

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